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The job of the air induction is to filter the air to engine combustion chamber. Oxygen is necessary for combustion of the engine. Actually, air intake increases airflow into the engine that boosts ups the combustion of the engine and raises its horsepower and torque. As flows raise more fuel with be burn without mixing of fuel and air. So, manufacturer always tries to provide debris or dust-free air to the engine for its proper functioning based on all types of environment and engine performance.

The Certified Service experts at Ed Morse Buick GMC Port Richey, know how to repair, service, replace the Air Induction of your vehicle according to manufacture requirements. The problem usually comes when the efficacy of the engine increases and the standard air box obstructs the airflow, causing fewer increases in power potential. Due to the concern of emissions and noise level, intake of air is not always designed for pure performance.

Main Components:

Automobiles air induction system consists of three parts:

1) Air filter
2) Mass flow sensor
3) Throttle body

Air Filter:

The air filter is important for an air intake system as it allows the engine to breathe. It is placed in a box that is made up of metal or plastic. For proper functioning of an engine accurate amount of moisture of air and engine requires that will run the engine. So this air filter act as a sieve and filter out the debris and dust out the air and prevent dust from entering into the system that could otherwise harm the engine and causes the failure of the engine. It is found in the air duct to throttle valve assembly under the hood.

Mass flow sensor:

Through the mass flow, sensor air goes to the throttle body its function is to find out about the mass of flow of air entered into the combustion engine.
Types of these sensors are:

  • Hotwire
  • Vane meter


It provides an electrical resistance as temperature increases with the resistance and it will hinder the current flow of the circuit. As air flows it decreases the resistance and currents of flows. But as more current produces, it increases the resistance and this continues until the resistance reaches its equilibrium again.

Vane meter:

A vane meter consists of a flap that is being pushed by coming air. There is another vane behind it which gives more accurate measurement.

Throttle bottle:

It controls the air which leads towards the engine. Throttle contains a shaft that rotates when the accelerator turns down air flows towards engine. This controls the combustion and speed of the vehicle.

Cool air Intake:

It consists of a long pipe which contains air filter that is placed on its front side. It pulls the air that is cooler. The cooler air is denser than warm air and full of oxygen that helps the engine to burn more effortlessly for high power. According to an estimation power increases by 1 with every 10 degree cooler air.

Short ram air intake:

Their function is just to place the filter closest to the engine to protect it from dust.

Custom air intake:

You can use a custom air intake system by adjusting it according to your need.

Air Induction Service in Port Richey:

The services for the air induction of the vehicle are available in Port Richey. Other than Port Richey, this auto repair service is minutes away from Hudson, Palm Harbor, Shady Hills and Spring Hills.

So, if the air induction is not working properly then take your vehicle to our auto repair shop expert Certified Service technicians at Ed Morse Buick GMC Port Richey and get them fixed.

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