Symptoms of a bad fuel filter

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Except for electric vehicles every vehicle whether it’s gas or diesel has a fuel filter. It is usually hidden under the car or sometimes in the fuel tank which makes it slip out of people’s minds. A bad fuel filter can lead to plenty of problems down the road. Here are the symptoms of a bad fuel filter so that you can identify one yourself.

If you notice a decrease in engine power in all gears, it could be because not enough fuel is getting to the injectors. This is usually caused by a dirty fuel filter. The ECU automatically restricts engine output to protect the engine. The engine is then put into ‘limp’ mode with a check light displaying on the dashboard. There are other reasons for the lack of power. However, it is easiest and cheapest to check the fuel filter first.

If the engine isn’t delivering power under hard acceleration or when you go up a steep incline, it could be because of a bad fuel filter. Similar to the above point, a fuel filter clogged up with debris limits the amount of fuel going through it. Under normal circumstances, you may not feel it; however, more fuel is needed under heavy acceleration which will make you notice it.

Engine misfiring is common under heavy load. These sometimes show themselves as random error codes. This could be because the fuel filter s restricting the amount of extra fuel getting to one or two injectors which is causing in the misfire. Do note that a clogged fuel filter doesn’t cause an engine to misfire while a car is stationary. Unless the fuel filter is completely blocked, it is probably because of something else as modern cars use very little fuel while idle.

These are just a few of the symptoms of a bad fuel filter. There are other problems in a vehicle that will cause some of the above symptoms as well. However, it’s often quicker and cheaper to check the fuel filter first; bring your vehicle to Port Richey Buick GMC where our professional certified technicians can perform a fuel test and/or diagnose the problem. Our state-of-the-art facility has the right equipment to perform the latest techniques in auto repair and maintenance to get you back on the road. Visit us today we are just minutes from Trinity, Land O’ Lakes, Tarpon Springs, and Hudson areas.