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How to change your engine oil quickly and easily

One of the most important skills any car owner should know about is how to change their vehicles’ oil. Changing your car’s oil is an extremely simple skill that can and will save you a lot of money in the long run if you do it right.

Let’s get greasy

Start by spreading some plastic sheets on the ground. Follow up by driving your car over them. You do this so that you can avoid all the cleanup since you can just toss the sheets out when you’re done. Jack up your car, set the jack stand in place and lower your car.

Now, keep all of your tools in a tray or box in a place easily accessible to you. The tools you will need are a box-end wrench, a rubber mallet, a drain pan and a new filter. Before you begin, open a new bottle of oil and coat oil on the new filter’s gasket. You’re ready to begin once you’ve done that.

Take out the drain plug and let the old oil flow. Follow up by removing the oil filter and installing the new one. When the old oil has almost finished draining, install a new gasket on the plug if needed and tighten it by the box end wrench with the rubber mallet. Use a funnel to pour the fresh oil into the oil filler hole. Replace the oil filler cap. Wipe the drips with a rag and you’re done.

Here are a couple of tips to save you time and a potential headache

  • Use a jack-stand. Don’t work under a car supported by a jack alone.
  • Hand tighten the filter. Don’t bother using a filter wrench.
  • Line up all the oil bottles you will need so that you don’t lose count during the process.

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