Hottest Car Accessories that are Flying Off the Shelves

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Usually a person spends an average of 17,600 minutes per year in their car. Whether you use your car to drop your kids to school or are an avid road-tripper, check these accessories out to amp up your experience in your ride.

These are just a few of the hottest car accessories people in Port Richey, Hudson, Wesley Chapel are enjoying.

  • A crash-tested harness for your pooch – It’s disturbing to know that many of the dog harness on the market aren’t crash-tested. When you’re buying a harness for your puppy, make sure it’s crash tested
  • Phone mount & charger with a heads-up display – This is a fresh product for both car and tech-junkies. It puts plenty of utility into a small product. It’s a mount for your phone that acts as a wireless charger. It also acts as a flip-up panel which is a reflection screen for your phone which makes it act as a HUD.
  • Cooler and warmer for your tasty beverages – The smallest things make the biggest differences. You’ll be glad that you can ask your friends for a cool (or hot) one when you’ve been on the road for a couple of hours. Today’s coolers are electric and can even warm your food and beverages up.
  • A slick navigation system – When you look at a HUD or heads-up display, there’s something really cool about it. It’s not on every car yet; however, you can buy an aftermarket accessory such as Navdy which will pair with your phone. It provides navigation, music, speed and incoming texts/calls on a beautiful HUD.
  • USB charger – Most cars today have a USB charger or two. However, as you add more gadgets to your car, you’ll be in need of more ports to charge your devices. Having a couple of extra USB chargers in your car will keep you and your passengers happy over a long drive.