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Oil & Fluids

In a vehicle, there are a few different types of fluids, besides motor oil, that play vital roles in keeping your vehicle running to its best potential. They are mostly part of closed systems within the vehicle and should never run low to avoid internal and costly damages. They are about the most economical and simple way to keep a car well maintained. From oil changes to transmission flushes, when regularly completed, the life of your car is prolonged.

Schedule maintenance can help make your vehicle the least of your worries.

Below is a brief explanation of some of the types of fluids that we will check on during your routine car service appointment.

  • Power steering fluid -provides lubrication to help keeps steering smooth and easy. Signs you may be low on this fluid include difficulty steering and squeaky noises when turning your steering wheel
  • Brake fluids -keeps your brakes working properly. Brakes are an extremely important safety feature in your car and at the first sign of any change with your brakes, the brake fluid should be one of the first things to be checked for
  • Transmission fluid-provides lubrication for your vehicles transmission while at the same time helping to keep it cool. Heat can be big trouble for your vehicles transmission
  • Antifreeze -another name for antifreeze is coolant and the main purpose of this fluid is to keep your vehicle from overheating and potentially ruining your engine or radiator
  • Washer fluid -provides more cleaning power for your windshield that just soap and water can’t provide

Some examples of when your vehicle may need to have the fluids checked are: shifting is no longer smooth, overheating, difficulty in steering. By addressing these issues you avoid costly transmission repairs, engine over heating or even complete engine failure.

If you experience any of these situations or if you just want to check and refresh the fluids in your car, the certified technicians at Ed Morse Buick GMC will handle your needs. Schedule your vehicle maintenance appointment today!  We aare conveniently located in Port Richey near Hudson, Palm Harbor and Spring Hill.

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